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The Arctic Sled Dog Racing Association Inc. (2012) was created with the intent to conduct high quality and humane sled dog races, to promote and educate mushers in the safe and humane racing, training and care of sled dogs, with an emphasis on the novice, purebred and all-breed musher. You will recognize many names and faces that you have come to trust in the organization and implementation of numerous high quality events throughout the founding member list. The ArcticSDRA will strive to continue to bring quality run events to the east coast with your support. Interested persons may offer support through membership, sponsorship or simply joining us at ArcticSDRA events. All ArcticSDRA events will be family friendly, canine centered, fun filled, enjoyable, superbly orchestrated experiences for participants.


January 30, 2013: Massena Dash update: Unfortunately, because of trail conditions, the 4th Annual Massena Dash has been cancelled. The race registrar, Christina Gates, will be in contact with all interested parties and registrants to confirm this and will ask if registrants would like their registration checks returned or destroyed. We thank you for your continued interest in the Massena Dash and look forward to a snowier 2014.

January 28, 2013: Massena Dash update: It is currently snowing in Massena. Despite forecast temperatures and impending weather, we are remaining optimistic. Spencer will re-check the trail on Wednesday afternoon and make a final call whether the event is on or off. The final call will be posted here no later than 9:00PM on Wednesday evening. Thank you for your patience and think snow! We hope to see you in Massena this weekend.

January 28, 2013: Massena Dash update: Spencer Thew, the organizer, is currently evaluating the trail conditions. It's customary to call the race on or off by Wednesday of the preceding week and we will do that, but we are hoping to make the call today if possible. We will post the call right here as soon as we possibly can. Christina will also call and e-mail all registrants and anyone else who she has contact info for. Please e-mail her at to send your contact info if you would like a call and e-mail.

January 16, 2013: The Massena Dash page has been updated, cost of dinner is $15 and there will be a new expanded menu.

January 7, 2013: The Massena Dash page has been posted, along with the forms and documents for the event and ArcticSDRA membership.

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