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Membership Application Form

Membership Application Process

  1. All participants in Club race events must be club members.
  2. Prospective members (other than Associate Members) shall be "sponsored" by an already existing Club member.
  3. A prospective member is any reputable person in favor of the Club's purpose as outlined above.
  4. Sponsorship of prospective members requires the sponsor to vouch for the sincerity of that prospective member to uphold the Club's purpose as well as act as a mentor to that prospective member in terms of dog care, training, racing and general husbandry concerns and questions.
  5. Members may sponsor prospective members after either 3 years consecutive membership in the Club and 3 years documented racing / training experience, or if they were a founding club member (listed below).
  6. Once a prospective member retains a Club sponsor the sponsor's name shall be recorded upon the membership form submitted to the treasurer along with the correct funds for the level of membership desired.
  7. Membership shall be denied to any person who has been convicted in a recognized court of law in, any country, of animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect.
  8. Membership Categories and Privileges
    1. Family Membership - shall include all family members living in the same household, receives 2 votes during Club elections (to any persons of that family over the age of 15). Annual dues for Family Memberships shall be $25
    2. Individual Membership - shall include that member solely and receive 1 vote (if the member is over the age of 15). Annual dues for Individual Memberships shall be $15.
    3. Associate Membership - shall include that member solely and shall not have any voting rights. Annual dues for Associate Members shall be $10.
  9. Members who own a team or who have driven in at least one race in the preceding race season or have held an official position in at least one race in the preceding race season, as well as have paid dues in full shall be considered to be members in good standing.

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